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Friday 25 July, 2014 For Immediate Release on 25th July 2014 Singapore—25th July 2014 — Domain names play an important role in online brand recognition and for businesses in particular, it is a crucial online real estate that create opportunities for marketing, market penetration and information dissemination. In Vietnam, there are more than 500,000 businesses, but only 40% of those have domain names, including .VN Vietnam domain names and others. The potential of .VN domain names has not been fully tapped, opening various opportunities for companies doing business in Vietnam to reserve their slots. With a .VN domain name, companies can reach out to the local market, as local Vietnamese consumers get more familiar with businesses operating online in the country. Search engines such as are more likely to index websites that have .VN as domain name extensions. However, disputes over .VN domain names are not governed by the Law on Intellectual Property and in th

Friday 25 July, 2014 London restaurant Poulet Rouge has appointed Out of Home International to help advertise its new Balham premises. A four week Underground campaign has been coordinated to launch at Balham Tube station from the week commencing July 28 th . A combination of formats, including lift escalator panels (LEPs), 12 sheet and 48 sheet adverts will feature across the Tube station in a proximity campaign. Specialising in high quality, free range chicken dishes, Poulet Rouge’s campaign boldly advertises their “Whole flame-grilled corn fed Goosnargh chicken”. Positioning the campaign at Balham station is an ideal approach to target commuters and visitors to the area. With thousands of people passing through the station each day, targeting the entire station with adverts is an effective way to ensure maximum reach to potential customers. With an added takeaway incentive encouraging audiences to take advantage of their £10 offer, this is an engaging campaign to appeal to L

Friday 25 July, 2014 Some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and creatives have been revealed as movie mentors who are helping guide the directors contributing to the 2014 Lexus Short Films programme. The partnership between Lexus and The Weinstein Company this year drew active support from leading figures in the movie community, including Katie Holmes ( The Giver , Wonder Boys , Dawson’s Creek ), directors Justin Chadwick ( Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom , and the upcoming Tulip fever ), Simon Curtis ( My Week With Marilyn , upcoming Woman in Gold ), Antoine Fuqua ( Brooklyn’s Finest , Training Day , upcoming Southpaw ) and Phillip Noyce ( The Giver , The Quiet American ). They have been supporting rising film-makers Jon Goldman and Satsuki Okawa (working with script writer Ken Ochai), in their work to produce short films interpreting Lexus’s Life is Amazing brand theme. The films shot for this year’s programme, Market Hour and Operation Barn Owl , were premiered at the S

Friday 25 July, 2014 National Mediation Awards 2014: Celebrating the unsung heroes in conflict resolution Join the professional standards body for mediators in an evening to remember as it commemorates trail blazers and rising stars in business & workplace mediation “The National Mediation Awards are now into their third year. Past winners have included Lloyds Bank, Marks and Spencer and DHL amongst many others. The 2014 awards promise to be our biggest and best yet. We are thrilled to welcome Michael Gibbons back as one of our judges and are already receiving numerous applications for each award category. The awards are a celebration of the work that mediators do in organisations across the UK and beyond. The theme of this year’s award is “the mediator, the unsung hero…” After all, mediators create peace, they promote dialogue and encourage reconciliation. This is a chance for us all to say thank you for your hard work and unwavering commitment to business excellence.”

Friday 25 July, 2014 Survey reveals that UK’s growing freelance community is failing to prepare for retirement The UK’s growing self-employed workforce faces an uncertain future, with two thirds of freelancers admitting they are yet to set up a pension, while less than half have started saving for retirement. The results announced today, come from a survey* conducted by Crunch Accounting, which interviewed self-employed workers, including freelance IT consultants , writers and designers about their retirement plans and pension provisions. Less than half (44%) of respondents have started saving towards their retirement, while only a third (34%) have set up a pension to provide for their future. Almost a quarter (24%) admitted the thought of retirement hasn’t even crossed their mind! Of the respondents who have started saving towards their future, nearly two thirds do not believe that they are saving enough. Only a small minority (15%) of those questioned are prep

Friday 25 July, 2014 LONDON, UK. July 25, 2014 - Neuxpower ( ), a global leader in file optimization software, today launched a new licensing program aimed at IT Service Providers. Now for the first time, service providers can rent a license of NXPowerLite for File Servers for a simple annual fee, and use it to provide a range of storage optimization services directly to their own customers. NXPowerLite software reduces storage by replacing large PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files with smaller optimized versions. It is extremely versatile, and can be pointed at many familiar business and IT issues including: Reducing storage before a migration/consolidation project Extending the life of existing servers by reclaiming space Optimizing customer data to shorten backup windows “It is ideal for data migration projects because it is both transparent and permanent, so once you have reduced the storage you don’t need to rehydrate it before moving it,” said Mike Power

Friday 2 May, 2014 New service gives retail investors the edge in trading. In today’s fast-moving stock markets, knowledge is power, and timing is crucial. Fingo News’ new service allows users to access and read RNS company announcements from anywhere via their laptop or smartphone—meaning they never lose out on a price-sensitive report. Investors can set up a bespoke list of companies and shares that they wish to follow and subscribe to receive instant announcements. This way, investors don’t have to trawl through all the daily RNS announcements and will not miss important news about a share they hold. Investors only receive the information they need as soon as it is released. ‘Investors can access and read UK stock announcements wherever they are,” said Will Searle, director of Fingo News ( ). ‘Alerts are immediate and in real time, which means investors can analyse and trade on the back of instant stock announcements. ‘We know retail investors need

Friday 2 May, 2014 Commodities Zone, a leading industry forum has posted its Commodity Rankings. Skadden Rothman ( has received 11 first place, two second place and two third place rankings in the natural gas, electricity and environmental brokerage categories. “We are very grateful to our customers for the recognition that they have given to us once again this year. We are going to continue to work hard to earn our customers’ business by sharpening our focus on service and continuing to grow our hybrid voice and electronic brokerage model,” Benjamin Chandler, Managing Director of Skadden Rothman. Skadden Rothman received the following recognition: 1. Natural Gas Asian Options – long term 1st 2. Crude Oil Options – long term 1st 3. Crude Oil Futures – long term 1st 4. Natural Gas Physical Futures – long term 1st 5. Natural Gas Last-day Financial Futures – short term 2st 6. Heating Oil Physical Futures – long term 3st 7. Crude Oil Average Price

Friday 2 May, 2014 Skadden Rothman ( announced the launch of Energy Bands, to provide North American power and gas forward curve indicative data services to the energy markets. Sandra Lambert, Skadden Rothman Energy Products Manager, stated “Skadden Rothman is excited to be able to provide a secure and independent aggregation service for the energy brokers. This initiative demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meeting the technology, data and analysis needs of the energy market.” Each individual broker’s indicative end-of-day prices will be independently compiled by Skadden Rothman into a set of forward curves with these curves then prepared for redistribution to customers and other data vendors. According to Robert Wu Park, Executive Committee Director of Skadden Rothman, “The use of aggregated, independent broker data for the construction of forward curves will be a very positive development for energy merchants and the energy markets they compete wi

Friday 2 May, 2014 There are many ways in which you can steadily grow your business and expand into different markets, however at the centre of any company’s growth is always its ability to set, maintain and review goals and objectives. Setting goals enables you to plot the next stages of development for your company and it is a great way of ensuring that you stay on track. Of course, things are always changing so it is very important for you to regularly review and change goals as and when it is necessary. Writing your goals down and monitoring your progress will really help to keep you and your business motivated, as Project Zinc know only too well. Project Zinc’s Managing Director James Perkins is passionate about setting and achieving goals as it really helps him to stay focused. He says, ‘Setting goals is something that is central to everything that I do. I find that it really helps me to motivate myself because I always know where I want to go next. I also make sure that m