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Friday 19 September, 2014 Outsourced sales and direct marketing firm

Thursday 18 September, 2014 The UK’s first urban mushroom farm launches this week growing gourmet mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds - showcasing a new model for the future of sustainable food grown in cities. The team at GroCycle is proud to announce the official opening of the UK’s first Urban Mushroom Farm, where a huge waste stream, coffee grounds, are used to grow protein-rich Oyster mushrooms. GroCycle Urban Mushroom Farm in Exeter is a showcase for how food can be grown sustainably. Based in disused office space, the farm takes coffee grounds from local cafés and uses them as a growing medium to produce healthy and delicious Oyster mushrooms. Coffee waste is a huge problem in the UK. Approximately 80 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in the UK, yet less than 1 per cent of the bean actually ends up in the cup. The vast majority of the remaining grounds are buried using already scarce landfill capacity and decomposing to produce methane, which is some 25 times m

Thursday 18 September, 2014 The Managing Director of sales and marketing agency

Thursday 18 September, 2014 Atelier Eyewear Limited, the world leader in bespoke eyewear online

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 On Sunday 14 September 2014,

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars / Louis XIII Holdings - Joint Media Announcement Luxury entrepreneur Stephen Hung has purchased the largest Rolls-Royce Phantom fleet in the world, placing an order for 30 Bespoke Extended Wheelbase Phantoms for his Louis XIII hotel in Macau. This transaction represents the world’s single largest order of Rolls-Royces ever. Two of the fleet will be the most expensive Rolls-Royce Phantoms ever commissioned. The deal was formalised on 16 th September 2014 at a signing ceremony at the Home of Rolls‑Royce at Goodwood in West Sussex, England. The signing ceremony was attended by Rolls-Royce CEO, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Louis XIII Chairman, Stephen Hung, the Board of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Louis XIII executives and a representative from Graff Diamonds. “Macau is rapidly evolving into the luxury capital of the world and we are honoured to have the opportunity to add to Macau’s many distinctions, the world’s largest fleet of Roll

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 James Sagar , Managing Director of sales and marketing firm

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 Sales and marketing professionals from across the UK traveled to Manchester to attend the one day event.

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 Managing director

Wednesday 17 September, 2014 Scientific report details why dairy does more harm than good A new scientific report by campaigning group Viva!Health blasts the myth that cow’s milk and dairy products are natural, wholesome and healthy. Authored by Dr Justine Butler, this substantial report of 124 pages with over 500 references, provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive review of the available science linking milk consumption and human health. It vividly illustrates the surprisingly high number of detrimental effects dairy can have on the human body. White Lies reveals so much research that each chapter is dedicated to a particular health issue. The links between dairy products and acne, allergies, some cancers and eczema are well established but White Lies expands the list to include colic, constipation, coronary heart disease, arthritis, gallstones and many other conditions. Each assertion is supported by recent scientific research, making the report essential reading for healthca